Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Novo Nordisk Foundation promotes the use of smart nanomaterials within life science and biotechnology

Functional nanomaterials have a considerable and virtually untapped potential within life science and biotechnology. The Novo Nordisk Foundation Challenge Programme will support research that will accelerate the development of smart nanomaterials that can be used for such purposes as improving diagnosis and treatment for people with diseases.

Nano-sized materials can have exceptional and controllable properties that differ significantly from those of the same material on a larger scale.

Nanomaterials therefore also have considerable application potential within life science and biotechnology. They can be used to develop and optimize such things as biosensors, drug-delivery systems and theranostics, in which nanoscience is used to integrate diagnostic and therapeutic applications for treating patients. Increasing knowledge of the toxicity of nanomaterials that are used in biological applications and bioaccumulate in organisms and in nature is also vital.

To promote this development, the Novo Nordisk Foundation is focusing in 2021 on smart nanomaterials for applications in life science and biotechnology through its Challenge Programme, which seeks answers to global challenges within health or technology. Applications may be submitted for up to DKK 60 million per project.

“With this theme, we want to boost the development of functional or responsive nanomaterials and the understanding of their toxicity. These materials have exceptional potential that should be exploited much more in developing new methods, instruments and treatments in life science and biotechnology,” says Lene Oddershede, Senior Vice President, Natural & Technical Sciences, Novo Nordisk Foundation.

Smart Nanomaterials for Applications in Life Science is one of the three themes of the Challenge Programme 2021. The other two are: Proteins for Tomorrow’s Food and Mathematical Modelling of Health and Disease.

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