Tuesday, 12 July 2022

Grant recipient:
Anja Boisen, Department of Health Technology, Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Project title:
EMGUT – Energy Materials for the GUT

Associate Prof. Fatemeh Ajalloueian, Department of Health Technology, DTU

Associate Prof. En Te (Edwin) Hwu, Department of Health Technology, DTU

Professor Nikolaj Gadegaard, Division of Biomedical Engineering, School of Engineering, University of Glasgow

Brief description:
There is a growing interest in the influence of our gut condition on our general health. The microorganisms in our gut (microbiota) are for example anticipated to have profound impact on progress and development of major human diseases, which include obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, Inflammatory Bowel Disease and depression. At the same time we lack tools for studying, detecting and treating conditions in the gut in a minimum invasive matter. In EMGUT, we will develop and apply so called ‘energy materials’ that can transform e.g. mechanical movement into electrical energy for minimal invasive ways of 1) sampling, 2) drug delivery and 3) sensing in the gut. Our vision is to both analyze and act upon local gut conditions – for example dispensing local medication.

Anja Boisen is receiving DKK 59,963,788 for the project.


Photo Credits: Jesper Scheel