Tuesday, 12 July 2022

Grant recipient:
Professor William Winston Agace, Department of Health Technology, Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Project title:
Center for intestinal immune regulation (CIIR)

Lars Rønn Olsen, Department of Health Technology, DTU

Kathy McCoy, Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, University of Calgary

Flemming Bendtsen, GastroUnit, Hvidovre Hospital

Brief description:
Crosstalk between immune cells and environmental signals from our diet and intestinal bacteria is essential for intestinal health. Alterations in this crosstalk can rewire immune cell function, contributing to the inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). There are few effective therapies for IBD and many IBD patients do not respond to therapy or loose therapeutic responses over time, highlighting the need for new directions and approaches to disease management and treatment. Intestinal mesenchymal stromal cells (iMSC) represent a diverse population of tissue resident non-immune cells that lie in immediate proximity to intestinal immune cells. Here we will assess the importance of iMSC-immune cell interactions in intestinal homeostasis and the initiation and maintenance of IBD. We anticipate identifying novel iMSC-centric targets for promoting/restoring intestinal immune homeostasis, for the treatment of IBD and use as predictive biomarkers of disease status and therapeutic responsiveness.

William Winston Agace is receiving DKK 59,997,987 for the project.


Photo Credits: Agata Garpenlind