Monday, 7 June 2021

Michael Skipper Andersen, Aalborg University.

Project title:

Predictive, multi-scale, multi-factorial Mathematical modeling of Knee OsteoArthritis (MathKOA).

Project description:

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a joint disease that causes degradation of the structures in the affected joint. The disease is the 6th most common cause of disability worldwide and causes mobility limitations, pain and reduced quality-of-life. OA is a multi-scale disease that is affected by factors on the body, joint, tissue and cell levels as well as pain.

Currently, there is a lack in our understanding of this multi-scale and multi-factorial disease and treatment selection is often a trial-and-error approach, where the patient has to return to the clinic regularly.

Therefore, in this project, we will develop a mathematical model of Knee OA (KOA) to describe the multi-scale and multi-factorial relationships and hereby enable computer-based investigations of how the treatment options will affect the outcome on all scales. This model will be applied to develop optimized, personalized treatments with the ultimate goal of improving patient care and reduce the associated societal costs of KOA.