Monday, 4 November 2019

Grant recipient
Tine Rask Licht, Professor, National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark

Project title
PRIMA – towards Personalized dietary Recommendations based on the Interaction between diet, Microbiome and Abiotic conditions in the gut

Thue W. Schwartz, Professor, The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Lars Ove Dragsted, Head of section, Professor, Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Jeroen Raes, Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

Brief description
You are what you eat, but why don’t we all react to foods in the same way? Our guts contain a large community of microbes, and when we eat something and our microbes digest the food, they create products called microbial metabolites. These metabolites affect our immune system, our hormone balance, our health and possibly even our mood.

When looking at dietary advice, there is no good ‘one-size fits-all’ solution. In PRIMA, we want to explore the effect of diet from a different perspective, namely from your gut. We believe we can predict an individual’s response to a given diet based on fundamental factors such as pH and transit time in the gut, which govern the microbial responses. This way, we will develop better dietary advice tailored to a given person.